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Gift Set Launch Sale (One Week Only!)

To celebrate the launch of our Waxplay in a Box series, we are having a sale on all Gift Sets! This sale will only last until next Saturday (the 12th), so get your gift sets now to take advantage of this discount!

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Introducing Waxplay In A Box!

Lightplay Gift Boxes

It’s been a while in the making but FINALLY it is (almost) here! Presenting Lightplay Candles’ Waxplay in a Box, for instant kinky scenes!

This is a really cool gift box for waxplay–one box gives you more than enough for multiple sessions of kinky/sensuous mischief! Each gift box contains:

  • three candles: choose between soy or paraffin! Pre-selected colors are included in the box price; choose-your-own color is $1 extra for each modification; yes, there will be a UV box!)
  • 1 USB lighter: fully rechargeable via micro USB cable (included) and lasts a few scenes; travel-friendly so you can fly with it.
  • 10 drop cloths: keep your play space clean and corral stray bits of wax.

Oh, and did I mention discounts? ^_^ Keep your eyes open: this is going up on the store soon. Christmas is coming, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!