Rainbow Wax Tarts (Soy) – Set of Seven


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Black light parties (also known as glow parties) are chill and mellow.  Brighten up the scene with these gorgeous UV-reactive blacklight candles that glow brightly under black light! Lightplay Candles is proud to present our 110°F melting point soy blend wax candles! Made from a blend of coconut and soy waxes and oils, this wax has an ultra-low melting point and can actually be melted with the heat generated by rubbing a small piece of between your fingers. This is the best choice of wax for folks who are very sensitive to higher temperatures but still want to experience wax play without scalding their skin.  This wax will even melt under the heat of a hair dryer–I’ve done it myself to verify this!

These wax tarts glow under UV light and are only available in a rainbow set of seven neon UV colors; red, magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Each set of tarts comes in seven 2-oz recyclable containers.  To remove them from the containers, simply turn them upside-down and pop them out–they will slide out cleanly with a little pressure to the bottom of the container.  Use them in your favorite pouring containers!  Frothing pitchers work wonderfully when set on a heating plate, and glass pitchers microwave beautifully.  Both types will do very well in a water bath as well.

Tip: start with 2-3 tarts for 4-6 oz of wax in each pitcher so that you always have a free-flowing supply of wax.  To replenish, just drop in another tart!

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