Set of Seven UV Candles (Soy)


Lightplay Candles is proud to present our 110°F melting point soy blend wax candles! Made from a soy blend of waxes and oils, this wax has an ultra-low melting point and can actually be melted with the heat generated by rubbing a small piece of between your fingers. This is the best choice of wax for folks who are very sensitive to higher temperatures but still want to experience wax play without scalding their skin.  This wax will even melt under the heat of a hair dryer–I’ve done it myself to verify this!  Our cotton wicks are metal-free and will give you a lovely wax pool to play with.

Black light parties (also known as glow parties) are chill and mellow.  Brighten up the scene with these gorgeous UV-reactive blacklight candles that glow brightly under black light!  We do not sell lightbulbs; if you are hosting the party, we recommend getting blacklight bulbs for your lights to get the best experience.  Do not get purple bulbs–make sure they are actual blacklights!

These candles are available in an array of seven neon UV colors; red, magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Buy the entire set for a discount!


When playing with wax, please keep the following in mind:

  • Spread out a drop cloth before you begin! It catches wax drops and splashes, protecting your floor/carpet/furniture/sheets.
  • Lightplay Candles are ultra low temperature and are even safe for–yes, those naughty bits.  Even so, we do not recommend pouring hot wax inside bodily cavities.  Keep in mind: on, not in.
  • After playing, even though you may feel slightly oily, do not rush into the shower.  Scrape off the wax with a plastic knife (or the back of a butter knife) while standing on (or sitting on) drop cloths, and then rub down with a towel or just bare hands.
  • If you don’t want to scrape, you can also wipe the wax off with paper towels and/or baby wipes.  We do that all the time during demonstrations!
  • Your skin may still feel oily when the wax is first removed.  After waxplay is a wonderful time for a sensual massage!  Lightplay Candles have moisturizing oils added in and will leave your skin soft and smooth once the oils have been absorbed.
  • Wax should not be washed down shower drains as solid wax may clump and clog the pipes.  Please do not step into the shower before the majority of the wax has been scraped or wiped off.

Lightplay Candles come in jars for easy storage so that you can use the remaining wax again easily.  There is enough in each candle for multiple sessions of fun.  (You may run out of drop cloths before you run out of candles!)

Scraped-off used wax can be used to make firestarters, coat shoes for waterproofing, or make wax melts. We do NOT recommend re-using poured wax for waxplay, because the specific mix of oils that make Lightplay Candles melt at an ultra-low temperature will no longer be in balance as much of the oils will either have burned off or been absorbed into your skin.  If you choose to re-use the wax for erotic purposes you do so at your own risk!

Additional information

Weight 98 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in


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