USB Electric Arc Lighter


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Lighter fluid woes got you down? Can’t carry your lighter on a plane? Just don’t want to carry butane around (I don’t blame you)? Introducing our USB lighter, a rechargable electric arc lighter that is super cool and recharges easily via microUSB.  Simply hold the arc on a candle wick for a couple of seconds to light candles!

  • The long neck bends to reach into jars or other awkward places.
  • There is a safety switch so that the lighter isn’t accidentally triggered in a pocket or bag.
  • It comes in a gorgeous gift-worthy cushioned box!
  • The battery on this lighter lasts a while, and you can light candles all night long, so no worries if a candle goes out.
  • There is a clear and easy-to-read LED gauge tells you how much charge you have left.
  • Ran out of charge mid-scene? Plug it in and in a few minutes you’ll have more juice to ignite a few sparks!

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